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The very real statement from Angela Bryant, North Carolina State Senator, speaking to us at our district’s convocation today.
To backtrack – I teach in a very rural county in North Carolina. Today was our first teacher workday and it ended with a big Convocation for all of the schools in the county. Somehow, we had some amazing guest speakers.
For those who don’t know, this was an absolutely awful summer for teachers in North Carolina (as well as pretty much every other group of people). We lost tenure, we lost pay for having a Masters degree, we lost funding for public education. We definitely lost a lot more, too, it just doesn’t fit with this story.
Anyway, one of the first speakers was a representative from our County Commissioners who ended her speech by telling us that the County Commissioners had given our school district…

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Aug 01 2013

Summer musings…

I’ve been spending the last few days pouring over online resources for my classroom. Basically everything and anything that could help me at all this year. I happened upon an article about parental involvement, and one of the ideas listed was how a Principal from a school in Philly used Edmodo to set up a…

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Jul 29 2013

Am I a Scab?

Well, there’s a question I never in a million years thought I would have to ask myself. Yet, it’s the question that has been keeping me up at night and made me come back to blogging about my TFA experiences after over a year away. So, am I? Am I a scab? A union breaker?…

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Mar 26 2012


Our first round of early placement interviewing starts this week. ENC has two rounds of phone/skype interviews before induction, a full day of interviewing before we leave for Institute, and then more phone/skype interviews during Institute if we haven’t been placed yet. I have three interviews this week, all with middle schools. When I was…

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Mar 21 2012

Pre Institute work?

With the beautiful, summer like weather we’ve been having recently in Jersey, it’s really beginning to feel like the semester is winding down. Midterms are over, spring break has past, and there are 7 short weeks until the final exam of my undergraduate career. Which means I’ve been thinking about TFA a lot more. I…

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Just a quick post on something I’ve been lamenting on for a while, but was just really brought to light by a friend of mine yesterday. It’s about keeping the balance between TFA and whatever else is going on in your life (school, family, friends, health, etc). As a 2012 CM, I haven’t really begun…

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Mar 04 2012

Keeping up with research

As midterms begin and sprin break is only a few (extremely long) days away, the reality is hitting that I’ll be out of here soon and finally on to a new chapter of my life. ENC just had a conference call on placement, and our first round of interviews start the last week of March.…

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Feb 21 2012

Praxis reflections

I have finally gotten my score reports for both the Middle School Math (0069) and Elementary Education: Instructional Practice and Applications (5015). For Math, I passed with flying colors for both NJ and NC (which is significantly lower than Jersey). I wasn’t worried about that one at all, because I’ve been a math tutor on…

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Feb 13 2012


I feel like that’s all I’m doing right now. Waiting for spring break, waiting for this semester to end, waiting for graduation, waiting to move down to NC, waiting for head out to Tulsa…waiting, waiting, waiting. I’m also STILL waiting for my Praxis scores. I took them about 3 and 4 weeks ago, but because…

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Feb 06 2012

97 days

There are 97 days until I walk across a stage and receive my diploma. Actually, I believe I’ll stand up in our football stadium with the other 7,000+ students who are graduating and have my diploma mailed to me later. That’s typically how it goes at larger schools. But, whatever, the point remains the same.…

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