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Dec 06 2011

NCLB and state tests

I’ll (try to) keep this short, but I had to share this article I just read in the WaPo about an elected official who takes his state’s standardized test for 10th graders. He got 10 of 60 math questions correct, and 62% on reading, which he says would be a “D” and put him in remedial reading. Meanwhile, this man has a BS, two Masters, and helps oversee a $3 billion organization.

Obviously I’m not a fan of standardized tests and “teaching to the test.” I think it’s stupid to assume that everything we need to test our children on can be condensed into a multiple choice, high stakes, standardized exam. The point of school IS NOT to make sure kids test well enough to get into college. It is to EDUCATE them, and that doesn’t always necessarily translate into scoring in the 99 percentile on an exam made up by people very, very far removed from the actual learning process.

And with that, I leave you with one of the most amazing videos I’ve ever seen (and it’s not just because it’s animated!)

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  1. I hate to break it to you, but you should start cozying up to the NC state test now. If your school is anything like mine in Memphis, you will be teaching to that test like (BECAUSE) your job will depend on it. It’s a shame. But on the other hand, it does really help you figure out your content when your standards are vague.

  2. It’s awful, but I have to teach to the test. I think that you’ll find that this is the case more often than not.

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