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Dec 20 2011

Things that are bothering me right now

1) That it is now 5 days before Christmas and I am no where near being close to done with exams.

2) That a professor for an elective I’m taking gave us a FOUR HOUR exam on a reading day, and then still expects us to have an intensive final project due in the middle of exams.

4) “If I were a poor black kid,” by Gene Marks (and trust me it’s much more than the grammar error).

5) That I and many others at my school are complaining about things like the dining hall food not being that great, my apartment heat being TOO hot, the wireless internet not running as fast as we’d like…all while there are families who don’t have heat or internet or food, and little munchkins are being shot in the back just because they were playing on their street.

I think I’m just upset and aggravated because this semester has been so hard with school and work and everything else that I do, and I just want to be home with my family. And the fact that 90% of the kids I know are either home already or going home tomorrow (today?) while I am stuck here taking exams until 3pm on Friday, December 23rd. Basically, I’m done with this semester, but the semester doesn’t seem to be done with me. And with that rant off my chest, it’s time to head back to studying…

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  1. Atlanta'12

    What’s the grammatical error in the Forbes article? ‘If I were’ is correct, no? (not that I agree with the anything being said)

    You should check out the Huffington Post’s response to the article – it will cheer you up.

    Anyway, goodluck with finals.

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