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Jan 03 2012

And now it’s Praxis time!

Haven’t posted in a while because I was caught up in finals, family time, and holiday parties. Now that I’ve had a chance to calm down and catch up, I’ve started studying for the Praxis.

I hate standardized testing, in case you haven’t picked up on that in my previous post =) But actually, I despise most of these tests. The tests in K-12 schools, the SAT/ACT, the GRE, and now…the Praxis. I just don’t find them a good gauge of how intelligent you are or how much knowledge you have. Like the GRE for example. They literally put a single word on the screen and give you a list of four other words and want you to choose the antonym. Really? How does that show how smart I am, or how well I’m going to succeed in the real world, or anything that actually matters?

And don’t even get me started on the monopolistic structure of these tests. In order for most colleges to even CONSIDER your application, you have to shell out money to take the SAT/ACT (depending on region) but they’re only offered by a single agency! There are no market forces balancing out supply and demand, no way to ensure prices are kept reasonable, demand is basic completely inelastic because there is no alternative…and now I promise I will end my economically fueled rant.

Any way, I have finally started reviewing for the tests. What with finals going until December 23rd, being away for a few days for Christmas, going to my school’s bowl game (we won!), and then NYE…well let’s just say there was not a lot of time to study. So now it’s crunch time. The next 4 days are going to be nothing but Praxis prep and classroom observations. Because on Sunday I leave for my winter training with the school’s snowboard team and I’m basically gone until the night before the test. Wonderful! This is probably why my mom refers to me as a hummingbird — I slow down and take a break and I’ll die!

At least I have a little more time to study for the Elementary Ed test. I’m kind of worried about that one. The math test shouldn’t be too hard, I really just have to review and get the rust off these skills. But the elementary school stuff…I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve never learned any of this before. And it’s really bringing home the fact that I am not a teacher. I was not trained to be a teacher. I have taken exactly 0 teaching classes at school. I have a few friends in the Graduate School of Education (it’s a 5 year program at our school, and they come out with their Masters) and they talk about their classes…and then I’m just like “Oh yea, haven’t taken any of those…but I have a teaching job next year while you all are finishing school.” It’s just weird.

My biggest responsibilities right now are basically making sure the internet gets paid on time and that I make it to enough classes that I pass with a decent grade. This time next year, parents will be entrusting me with their child’s education. One of the most priceless things a child has. It’s just currently blowing my mind.

Sorry if this blog post is a rambling, jumbled mess. I wrote it watching The Lying Game. Just had some thought I wanted to get out though!

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  1. KCMO Chief

    Don’t worry about the Praxis for Elementary Ed. I had no education background and took both the Middle School Math and Elementary Ed and did very little studying and passed both the first time. I recommend doing the practice test through ETS.

    You’ll be fine.

    • jersey

      Great to know! The math one should be pretty easy, and once I do a few practice tests for the Elementary Ed test I’m sure I’ll be feeling better about it, too!

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