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Feb 06 2012

97 days

There are 97 days until I walk across a stage and receive my diploma.

Actually, I believe I’ll stand up in our football stadium with the other 7,000+ students who are graduating and have my diploma mailed to me later. That’s typically how it goes at larger schools. But, whatever, the point remains the same. 97 more days left in this city. 97 more days surrounded by the same people and buildings as I’ve seen for the last three and a half. 13 more weekends to hang out with my friends. 4 more final exams. Countless more articles and chapters to read for said final exams. This is all that’s keeping me from graduating.

And I am terrified, excited, apprehensive, giddy, etc etc etc. I am a ball of emotions and flit from one to another on a whim. One second I’m ready to scream “Let me out of here! I need the real world!” and the next second I’m ready to cry because I’ve realized that I may never see some of these people again.

However, I have been much better since the last round of acceptances by TFA! During the first round of acceptances, I only knew 2 other students who had gotten in and accepted their TFA offer. With this latest round, I believe the number is somewhere upwards of 10, and probably much higher as I find out more students who are on the outskirts of my social circle. I am absolutely thrilled! Some of the other people who have gotten in I’ve known since freshman year, some I just met last semester. But it’s been wonderful to be able to run into all of these people on the street, or going to class, or out at night and just be able to do that little giddy “OH MY GOSH WE’RE DOING TFA!!” thing that I’m sure you all are familiar with.

I’m a bit jealous though, because there are quite a few who were placed in the same region, or will at least be at the same institute this summer. So far I’m the only one from my school doing ENC and the only one going to Tulsa for institute. However, our facebook group has been blowing up with everyone introducing themselves and I honestly cannot wait to meet all of them!

I’m also anxiously waiting for my Praxis scores. I took a paper test on January 14th and a computer test on January 25th, so I should have both of the scores back by Friday. I’m pretty sure I’ll pass the middle school math test, it seemed pretty easy and NC’s passing score is quite low. The elementary education one, though….let’s just say I’m very, very nervous for that. I had to take 5015 which is Curriculum, Institution, and Assessment. It’s a new test, I struggled to find a review book, I ultimately got a very bad review book, and a lot of the stuff were things I felt you would have only known had you taken classes for education. I did the best I could, but we’ll see what happens. On the bright side, though, my mom said she would pay if I had to retake it. I’m pretty sure she felt bad for me, she knew I was stressing over the test, it was definitely a lot more challenging (I think, at least) than the one in NJ, and she knows I have no education background.

Now it’s off to do some homework so I can make sure I actually pass all my classes this semester!!

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  1. Dude, I can totally relate. If you read my posts from this time last year, I was chomping at the metaphorical bit too. I would read as many teaching books as you can get your hands on, and SAVOR these last few months of college.Good luck! Email if you have questions!

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