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Feb 13 2012


I feel like that’s all I’m doing right now. Waiting for spring break, waiting for this semester to end, waiting for graduation, waiting to move down to NC, waiting for head out to Tulsa…waiting, waiting, waiting.

I’m also STILL waiting for my Praxis scores. I took them about 3 and 4 weeks ago, but because both tests (5015 and 0069) had constructed responses, the return rate for the scores is slower. Which sucks. The two boys from my school who were accepted the same round as me both have already found out that they passed, and I’m still…yup, you guessed it, waiting.

I’m also waiting for all of this (in my opinion) pointless school work to end. It’s so frustrating to be forced to read articles about the wage rates of NYC cab drivers, or papers about the profitability of airlines in the 70s and 80s when what I SHOULD be reading are books and articles about being the best teacher possible.

Speaking of trying to be the best teacher possible, another thing I’m waiting for is for a local school district to get back to me with specifics about classroom observations. They gave me the informal OK to observe on Tuesdays (me free day just so I can observe, go me!), but they still had to get the formal approval from the school and teacher I’d be observing. I’m hoping to find out this week, but in the meantime…more waiting.

However, it’s crazy that even with all this waiting, time is still flying. I remember when it was 6 months until I graduated…and we just hit the three month mark this weekend. As much as I want my life to move forward…am I really ready to leave my friends (and two dollar Tuesdays!) behind?

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  1. Lauren

    As a current first year corps member in enc, I know what you are feeling. But here’s my best advice, soak up your time, it will never feel that good for the next two years. This work is extremely rewarding but extremely hard. Take your current work seriously. I was a business student and could not believe how much of what has made me a successful teacher has come from what I’ve learned outside of the teaching profession. Good teaching is about good leadership and you can learn about leadership in many different ways, but the wealth of experiences you can walk into teaching with the more you will thrive! Cheers!

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