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Mar 04 2012

Keeping up with research

As midterms begin and sprin break is only a few (extremely long) days away, the reality is hitting that I’ll be out of here soon and finally on to a new chapter of my life. ENC just had a conference call on placement, and our first round of interviews start the last week of March.

With all of this coming together, I’ve had Research on my mind. I am a research junkie – I devour research articles on anything and everything. I have a folder on my computer titled ‘Articles to Read’ because I find them and there are literally not enough hours in a day for me to read everything I would like to.

I’m also wrapping up three years of research on educational inequality. I’ve looked at New Jersey school data and te ways that income as well as social and emotional learning practices affect a child’s education. This is what led me to be attracted to TFA, and it’s something that I want to spend my life looking at and coming up with solutions for.

But I’m left with a question – is it possible to continue research as a CM? Are there bough hours in a day to teach, grade, eat, and then do research? Does anyone have an experiences with keeping relationships with undergrad professors or finding new ones to mentor you while you’re in TfA? Has anyone kept up with past research, or started new research while they were a CM? Any advice or thoughts are appreciated!!

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  1. DC Chillin

    You won’t have time. Not the first year, anyway.

  2. I agree with DC Chillin. Unless it’s for a certification class, research is likely to fall by the wayside (unfortunately). I wrote a senior thesis that my adviser and I were super excited to turn into a published paper, but it never happened and it probably won’t happen in the midst of first year craziness.

    My advice is to focus on the realities of education in an urban classroom, get to know them intimately, and use that experience to be a more informed researcher in the future.

  3. jersey

    That’s pretty mush what I figured, but I was hopeful that made I could make it work. Thanks for the advice though!

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