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Mar 07 2012

The TFA/Everything else Balance…and we haven’t even left for Induction yet!

Just a quick post on something I’ve been lamenting on for a while, but was just really brought to light by a friend of mine yesterday. It’s about keeping the balance between TFA and whatever else is going on in your life (school, family, friends, health, etc). As a 2012 CM, I haven’t really begun to get started with official TFA stuff yet. Pre Institute work is coming out shortly (I heard some regions already got it), and Induction is still weeks away (about 13 for ENC!). However, I feel like we’ve already started the Balance dance.

Because I’m not an education major, I’m trying to pour over as many teaching/education books as possible. I’m trying to read as much research on rural education as I can possibly find. I’m going out of my way to make sure that I can be in the classroom observing (a real classroom, with 30 kids for a full 8 hour day, not the “Institute” classroom) before I pack my bags and head off. And then I realize that I have exams and homework and readings to attend to. For classes that are on my schedule just to fill gen ed requirements or net me some extra credits. To be frank, it sucks.

This was really brought to light yesterday when I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. She was telling me how busy and stressed she had been trying to finish her thesis, keep up with school work…and then prepare for an interview at an extremely well known school in her region. She said she was getting sick from all of it.

So that’s where we are now. Trying to maintain the TFA/life balance. We’re in this awkward point were we aren’t fully TFA CMs yet, but we’re definitely not fully college students any longer. And with these thoughts/rants/stream of consciousness, I’m off to go prepare for the two exams I have this afternoon.

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  1. Omg girl, I am so impressed. I BARELY got in my two mandatory observations in before going to institute. You’re ahead of the game!!

    • jersey

      That makes me so glad to hear! My mom is a teacher and has drilled it into me that if I don’t have enough time observing teachers and classes before I get my own classroom, it’s going to be so hard!

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