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Mar 21 2012

Pre Institute work?

With the beautiful, summer like weather we’ve been having recently in Jersey, it’s really beginning to feel like the semester is winding down. Midterms are over, spring break has past, and there are 7 short weeks until the final exam of my undergraduate career.

Which means I’ve been thinking about TFA a lot more. I finally did my first full day observation that wasn’t at my mom’s school. I got set up in a local school district and I’ll be doing week;y observations (for the most part) with the same class. It’s 2nd grade, and these kids are absolutely precious. They say good morning to me, hug me, hold my hand when we walk in the hall. But more on my observations at a later date.

Right now, I’m wondering about pre institute work. When is it typically sent out? I mentioned earlier that one of my friends had already gotten his, but it doesn’t seem like any of the other regions have. But isn’t this late to send it out? If they expect us to do 2 observations, and you didn’t know that (which a lot of people seem not to), sending out our packets when there are a few weeks left until final exams and then a few more weeks until we leave seems odd — and like poor planning and management.

But maybe that’s just because I’m such a type A, everything has to be laid out weeks in advance, I make an hour by hour schedule of most of my days lest I feel anxious and lost, type of person. (And no, unfortunately I am not kidding)

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  1. Hourly schedules means you’re already on the TFA boat. You’re gonna fit in to institute just fiiiine.

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much–the pre-Institute work will take you a week to do, at most (and that’s if you actually put some effort in, unlike a lot of incoming CMs). The observation notes are simple things like teacher actions, student actions, and reflections on what worked and didn’t work.

    Also, is it just a coincidence that this post and the next one on TeachForUs are about the same thing?

  3. Nicole

    I just received mine yesterday (Greater Philadelphia) and I know that Atlanta has already received theirs. So I would say in the next week or so. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. My advice from other CMs has been to focus on school and if you have some free time, tackle what you can of the Pre-Institute packet. Then after graduation spend a couple of days finishing everything else up.

  4. jersey

    Completely a coincidence! Also, as soon as a posted this a received a link to the pre-institute work…obviously the world is coming together to make me focus on TFA!

  5. Marie G

    ditto Mr. K on the pre-institute work. I did get burnt out watching all the dvd observations, etc. I would recommend listening to Ms. Lora Story on tape, and keeping in mind that it’s TOTALLY unrealistic that your classroom will be exactly like that your first year :) In your classroom observations, also focus on the assessment.

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