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Mar 26 2012


Our first round of early placement interviewing starts this week. ENC has two rounds of phone/skype interviews before induction, a full day of interviewing before we leave for Institute, and then more phone/skype interviews during Institute if we haven’t been placed yet.

I have three interviews this week, all with middle schools. When I was accepted to TFA, I was placed in Elementary education, however I also took the Praxis in Middle School Math so I would have a back up. My regional director told me that middle school math is typically one of their highest need areas, so I’m not surprised I’m interviewing at only middle schools. To be honest, I like the idea of being with older kids. I would have liked to preference high school but my mom – who I was already fighting with about applying for TFA – didn’t want me working in a high school right out of college. So middle school interviews are great!

However, I’m realizing that even after the conference call and presentation we had about the placement process, I still don’t fully understand it. Do I have any say in where I go? Or will my region just plop me into a school? Normally in interviews, I treat it as if I’m interviewing them as well (in my head, at least). I wouldn’t want to work for a school

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  1. My understanding of the process is that you get hired by the school. You have the right to refuse a job if you don’t think it is right for you. You will get hired by the school/school district, and TFA doesn’t really have that much of a say in it, except for helping connect you with the schools where you are interviewing.

    • parus

      This is true, except that if you don’t accept a contract when it’s offered, TFA can kick you out.

      When and where I was, we were all required to take our first contract offer the day it was offered. Not sure if that’s still the case now or universally across regions.

  2. CY

    You have to take the first job offered to you, so no, you really don’t have much of a say. Good luck!

  3. This is definitely something to take up with your regional staff, but at least here, the reality is somewhere in the middle–you are strongly encouraged to take your first offer (out of consideration for both TFA’s school partners and other corps members), but if you feel strongly against the school (or in support of another school), then you can probably have a conversation with the staff about it.

  4. CY

    I guess it varies from region to region. We were told we had to take the first offer. We also had a bit of a placement nightmare so maybe that was a factor.

    • CY

      I guess in reality there was nothing TFA could do to you if you turned down an offer BUT if you ended up unplaced you wouldn’t get placement funds.

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