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Aug 01 2013

Summer musings…

I’ve been spending the last few days pouring over online resources for my classroom. Basically everything and anything that could help me at all this year.

I happened upon an article about parental involvement, and one of the ideas listed was how a Principal from a school in Philly used Edmodo to set up a summer course to keep parents and students engaged in the school. And it got me thinking…could we, as teachers, do something similar to present our students with an opportunity for a summer program?

I think we’re all aware of the “summer slide” that affects all students. And I’m sure no one on here is surprised that low income students suffer the most from the “slide” because they aren’t provided with the same summer camps or tutors as their wealthier peers. So what if we did something were students could opt in to a summer course, offered on a platform like Edmodo or something else?

I’m thinking about this specifically from a math POV since I’m a 6th grade math teacher. But what I’m thinking about would look something like this: Students can opt in and create an account for whatever platform the teacher is using. Teacher adds them to the course – something like getting 5th graders ready for 6th grade, or reviewing important 6th grade concepts to keep them up to date and ready to start 7th grade. Students have assignments for the course, and teacher either has pre-recorded lectures posted for them or links to videos from Khan Academy or the like. Maybe the course is a mix between a very structured week-by-week course and a “do it in your own time” so that students have *some* leeway but don’t have the opportunity to procrastinate all summer.

Anyway this was just a very, very early thought on something that could potentially by beneficial to our kids. I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on this idea! Or do you know of a platform similar to this, or someone who is doing something similar?

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  1. Meghank

    Do your kids generally have access to the internet at home? It’s different where I live. I think I’ve had maybe one student per year with home internet access.

    • jersey

      I plan to figure out exactly how many do and do not have internet at home, but from last year it seems to be about half and half. Although some kids without internet at home do have access to smartphones, so I’d also try and find a platform that was mobile accessible.

      There are also two or three libraries in the area that the kids could go to with a parent/guardian/older sister,brother,cousin and use the computers there if they wanted to.

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