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Aug 17 2013

“We did NOT give you all the money we had.”

The very real statement from Angela Bryant, North Carolina State Senator, speaking to us at our district’s convocation today.

To backtrack – I teach in a very rural county in North Carolina. Today was our first teacher workday and it ended with a big Convocation for all of the schools in the county. Somehow, we had some amazing guest speakers.
For those who don’t know, this was an absolutely awful summer for teachers in North Carolina (as well as pretty much every other group of people). We lost tenure, we lost pay for having a Masters degree, we lost funding for public education. We definitely lost a lot more, too, it just doesn’t fit with this story.

Anyway, one of the first speakers was a representative from our County Commissioners who ended her speech by telling us that the County Commissioners had given our school district everything they had, monetarily wise.

As soon as she was done, Angela Bryant was introduced as being our representative to the North Carolina General Assembly. The very first thing she said was “Well, we [the NC General Assembly] did NOT give you all the money we had.” And our teachers went WILD. Because everyone has been talking about how much the NC GA has screwed us over and how teaching in NC just isn’t worth it anymore.

Our superintendent kept it real as well, telling us all what we already knew – we’d have to do more with less, the GA was not supporting public education, and that the new “report card” system for schools was designed to have public schools fail. As depressing as this all sounds, it was surprisingly refreshing to hear the people in charge voice the same complaints.

Life in public education. Never a dull moment.

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